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ABA Boxing Academy: Knocking Out Inequality One Punch at a Time

In the heart of America, a revolution is brewing. It’s not political or technological, but a revolution of the spirit, of community, and of health. The American Boxing Association (ABA) Boxing Academy has taken a bold step forward in the fight against inequality, announcing that from today, February 20, 2024, 30% of all proceeds will be donated to lower-income neighborhoods across the nation.

Building Communities, One Gym at a Time

The ABA Boxing Academy’s initiative is not just about boxing; it’s about building stronger communities. The funds will be used to construct boxing gyms and playgrounds in every city, state, and town across America. These facilities will serve as hubs for physical activity, promoting health and wellness among youth and adults alike.

Boxing, often seen as a sport of resilience and determination, will be the cornerstone of these community centers. It’s a sport that teaches discipline, respect, and the value of hard work. By bringing boxing to these neighborhoods, the ABA Boxing Academy aims to instill these values in the community members.

Nourishing Bodies and Minds

But the ABA Boxing Academy’s vision goes beyond physical fitness. Recognizing the importance of nutrition in overall health, they will also be implementing healthy eating after-school programs. These programs will educate children and their families about the importance of a balanced diet, equipping them with the knowledge to make healthier food choices.

Fostering Mentorship and Support

In addition to the physical infrastructure and educational programs, the ABA Boxing Academy is also recruiting local big brothers and sisters. These mentors will play a crucial role in the after-school programs, providing guidance, support, and positive role models for the children.

A Brighter Future

The ABA Boxing Academy’s initiative is a testament to the power of sport and community in creating positive change. By investing in these neighborhoods, they’re not just building gyms or playgrounds; they’re building a brighter future for these communities.

As we cheer on this commendable initiative, we’re reminded of the words, “All the Glory Goes to God.” Indeed, this project is a reflection of the spirit of giving, community, and love that we hold dear. Here’s to the ABA Boxing Academy, to the communities they will uplift, and to a healthier, stronger America. God bless America!

All the Glory to God


ABA Owner, Dean Smith


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