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In a recent sit down interview with Ryan Stone, J'Courtney Williams breaks down how he's developed into a professional boxer so quickly in anticipation for his debut March 23rd. So relentless, persistent and dominant with his work ethic that even his trainer has had to calm his eagerness down. He even gave us a prediction for his boxing debut!

ABA PROMOTIONS Has just signed all American J’Courtney Williams, one of the most exiting new Heavyweight’s in the US today.

Dean Smith says, We are wasting no time with this incredible natural talent, and will begin training camp in September at Champions Gym Lanzarote, for his professional debut at the LA CONVENTION CENTER Jan/23/2021.

And will also waste no time in crowning Willam’s as the American Boxing Association Heavyweight National Champion,and the rest, as Mike Tyson would say, IS A FAR GONE CONCLUSION.

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