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The ABA Mission

“To help and promote the evolution of professional boxing into a National Sport.”

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In 2011 the American Boxing Association was formed to promote the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act which calls for an organization to protect the rights and welfare of boxers,aid state boxing commissions with the oversight of boxing, and increase sportsmanship and integrity within the boxing industry. This American Boxing Association would act as a league to ensure the protection of the boxers by acting as, “a buffer between the promoters, managers and boxers”. This governing body would create an independent rating system based on a record of wins and losses and free of manipulation by those in charge. This would create open competition for promoters enhance the integrity of the sport by enforcing national contract reform. The sanctioning body should protect professional boxers from unlawful contracts that are not in their best interest or restrict their right to control their own destiny. American Boxing Association will award one definitive National Title Belt and encourage consolidation of separate organizations into a united entity in order to prevent the dilution of the prestige of the American Boxing Champion.

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Honoring Legends


"The Duke"


The board of Jay Public Schools has voted to place a life-size bronze bust of former heavyweight champion Tommy “The Duke” Morrison on the school’s campus.

The $12,000 monument, proposed and financed by the American Boxing Association, will be unveiled at the local Tommy Morrison eight-man boxing tournament, set for Jan. 2 — the late boxer’s birthday.

Tommy Morrison’s two sons — both undefeated heavyweights and bearing a strong resemblance to their father — also complimented the school board for its action.

Approval of the monument “means a lot to me,” said Kenzie Morrison, one of the sons, adding that he and his brother are “honored that the bust was even considered.”

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Supporting Heroes


"Big Daddy"


 The American Boxing Association is proud to announce to all American boxers that we are offering to waive the standard sanctioning fees on title fights in order to encourage them to plan for the latter years of their lives.   


“Every fighter can benefit from having the advise of a trained financial advisor,” said James Hagler, President of the American Boxing Association.  “We want to help fighters invest in themselves.” 

The American Boxer’s Retirement Initiative will provide professional boxers with access to an independent financial planner, and the fighters’ fees will be reinvested in their future by covering all the setup costs associated with a 401k.

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Pleasing Fans




The third annual Box Fan Expo took place in Las Vegas on May 6th, 2017 (Cinco De Mayo weekend) at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Box Fan Expo is the ultimate boxing fan experience event.


The ABA booth was proud to host legendary American Champions such as Riddick Bowe and Tony Tucker.  Fans were able to ask them questions and even pose next to the champs with the ABA National Title Belt around their waist.


The BoxFan Expo has been a huge success with Boxing fans and Boxing industry people. Many boxing stars have attended the last two Expo’s such as Mike Tyson, Roberto Duran, Tommy Hearns, Roy Jones Jr., Keith Thurman, Deontay Wilder, Zab Judah, James Toney, Earnie Shavers, Leon Spinks and many more…

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