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The ABA Mission

“To help and promote the evolution of professional boxing into a National Sport.”

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In 2011 the American Boxing Association was formed to promote the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act which calls for an organization to protect the rights and welfare of boxers,aid state boxing commissions with the oversight of boxing, and increase sportsmanship and integrity within the boxing industry. This American Boxing Association would act as a league to ensure the protection of the boxers by acting as, “a buffer between the promoters, managers and boxers”. This governing body would create an independent rating system based on a record of wins and losses and free of manipulation by those in charge. This would create open competition for promoters enhance the integrity of the sport by enforcing national contract reform. The sanctioning body should protect professional boxers from unlawful contracts that are not in their best interest or restrict their right to control their own destiny. American Boxing Association will award one definitive National Title Belt and encourage consolidation of separate organizations into a united entity in order to prevent the dilution of the prestige of the American Boxing Champion.

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