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1. Purpose. These Rules are intended to further the purposes of the Association and set out the norms by which the Association carries out the authority granted it under the Bylaws, and to provide members and boxers the standards and obligations applicable to ratings, sanctioned bouts and other Association activities.

2. Application. These Rules apply to all actions and decisions of the Association regarding ratings, sanctioning of bouts, conduct of bouts, requests for explanations or reconsideration, appeals, and related matters, and apply to all members and affected boxers and their agents. 

3. Interpretation. In those cases when it is necessary, the authority to interpret these Rules is within the sole discretion of the committee and committee chairman assigned the matter under these Rules, and finally with the President. 

4. Pre-emption. These Rules apply to all matters within the jurisdiction of the Association, but are superseded by a mandatory provision of law duly adopted and enforced by a national, state, or provincial government. 

5. Disputes. Disputes regarding final interpretation and application of these Rules shall be determined finally by the President, and any request for relief from such interpretation or application from a court shall be governed by the laws of the state of residence of the Association, and shall be brought in the courts of that state or Province. 

6. Time. If the last day of a time limit ends on a weekend or national holiday in the United States, the next working day shall be the day on which the time limit expires.

7.  Any contender for an ABA Regional title must have at least one 8 round professional bout sanctioned by a reputable governing body.  Contenders for an ABA National Title must have at least two 8 round bouts on their boxing record.

8. In order for a boxer to qualify for an ABA title fight they must  provide proof United States citizenship in the form of a birth certificate or passport that matches a picture Identification.


9.  Membership and Qualifications.--The Corporation shall be a membership corporation. Its members shall include boxers, managers, promoters, trainers, physicians, seconds, referees, matchmakers, timekeepers, judges, announcers, media commentators, writers, and boxing fans.

RATINGS. Ratings Committee Chairman: Kit Coughran, 

1. The number of members shall be set by the President. The members shall be appointed by the President to terms established by the President. The Committee Chairman shall be appointed by the President. 

2. They shall confer and otherwise exchange information regarding ratings at such time in such manner as established by the President or the Chairman. 

3. The Association shall publish a monthly list of rated boxers. Rated Boxers are eligible to participate in sanctioned contests. The ratings shall be announced and posted on the Association's website in the month following the month to which the ratings apply. 

4. In order to create the ratings the Committee may consider all relevant information, including, but not limited to, regional title holders, bout activity, disqualifications, win-loss records, difficulty of the bouts, technical decisions, failure to make weight, and any other relevant information. 

5. The Committee may remove a boxer from the ratings based on any relevant factor including, but not limited to, failure to maintain the required weight, loss to a non-rated boxer, loss of a regional title, inactivity, violation of these rules, or any other relevant factor. In addition a boxer may be removed from the ratings at the sole discretion of the Committee due to extraordinary events or activity, including, but not limited to, proven or alleged criminal behavior, conduct that violates boxing regulations or rules, failure to conform to ABA rules ( including to pay or allow to be paid sanction fees), or other public behavior or statements of type that would affect the boxer's ability to be licensed or to compete legitimately or that are detrimental to the public perception of the sport of boxing. 

6. A rated boxer who changes weight categories is not assured of a ranking in his new category. 

7. Any boxer removed from the rankings may ask the Committee for an explanation, and appeal the Committee decision, following the appealing procedures. 

C. CHAMPIONSHIP: Championship Committee Chairman: Dean Smith, Members: Kit Coughran and Kurtis Coughran. 

1. The Championship committee shall consist of no fewer than three (3) members. The President shall serve as a member of the committee. 

2. Boxers recognized by the Association as champions, official contenders, or participants in a sanctioned bout are bound by these Rules. 

3. An Association Champion may only hold a title in one division at the same time.

4. When a champion obtained a title by defeating a champion he must defend his title within six (6) months, counting from the date he obtained such title, and every six (6) months then after against a rated boxer. 

When a boxer obtains the title in an elimination bout for the vacant title, he must defend his title within 120 days, counting from the day he obtained such title, and every six (6) months then after against a rated boxer. 

5. If a champion wishes to fight for the title in another division, he must first apply to the Championship Committee for special permit to participate in a fight for anoth