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*Registered ABA members will be ranked  based on state and Region.
Heavy Weight Division
#1 - Trey Lippe-Morrison - Oklahoma
#2- Kenzie Witt-Morrison - OklahomaJamal Woods - 
#3  - Jamal Woods - Arkansas
*Winner of the  1st annual Tommy Morrison Memorial 8-Man Tournament
# 4  -  Brandon Spencer - Georgia
*Winner of the  1st annual Tommy Morrison Memorial 8-Man Tournament
# 5 - Miree Coleman- North Carolina
*All Army Champion, Fort Bragg
#6 - Nick Jones - Oklahoma
*IBF/USBA State Champion - Oklahoma
#7 - Charles Hackman - Missourri
# 8- Alfonso Williams - Arkansas
# 9 -  Tim Bronson - Oklahoma
# 10 - 
# 6 - Alonzo Butler - Tennessee
# 7 - Dennis McKinney -  South Carolina
# 8 - Natu Visinia - Illinois
#9 - Joshua Tufte - North Carolina
#10 - Jonathan Felton - Virginia


Top Ranked Boxers by Region  -  Updated Monthly - By Commitee

ABA has awarded it's first southeast regional title to Brandon Spencer,  after being declared the winner of the 1st Annual Tommy Morrison Memorial 8-Man Tournament.
ABA - Southeast Regional Champion
The Jimmy Joe's Promotions Ring Girls pose with Brandon Spencer and his wife Tiffany after recieving the ABA Southeast Regional belt at the Grove Fight Night on April 29th.

As part of the American Boxing Association bylaws, Brandon will be required to defend his Title 3 times.  At which time spencer will get to keep his regional belt and get a shot at an American National Title Belt.

Brandon spencer fought 3 bouts in an 8-man tournament.  Here pictures after winning a decision against Charles Hackman .
After already fighting two matches Brandon Spencer and Jamal Woods ended the night with a draw.  Brandon fought the most rounds in the night and was retroactively awarded the Tournament of Champions Belt which ranks him number one within his region in the ABA.



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